I.T. Consulting

Providing help with web applications, server and network infrastructure, software architecting, project management and many more. Providing value in all aspects software lifecycle

From audits, to architecture, small system to cloud deployments. Industry best practices including infrastructure scaling, Continues Integration, Quality Assurance, Continuous Deployment, Static Analysis, design patterns, project management automated tests and many more…

Specialising in technologies like PHP, RDBMS, NoSQL, JavaScript, Servers, Cloud deployment, infrastructure scaling, Quality Assurance, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, performance and security audits, project architecting and documentation, audits of existing solution including report in field to improve. No matter what the challenge is, ensuring client’s success is the highest priority goal.

Should you need help in any of above technologies, please do drop me a line. Unsure if you need help of a professional or how i can help, do get in-touch, no obligation no upfront charge. Please describe your problem, if there is anything i can help with i will get back to you with proposed solution. Speak soon!

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